S/S24 Women’s: Soft Focus

04 / 15 / 2024

Shot on the outskirts of Paris by Léa Ceheivi, the S/S24 women’s collection is situated in the languorous haze of high summer.

The images depict ordinary, everyday moments, from the mundane to the intimate; solitude to companionship. “It's funny that there’s this feeling of boredom,” says Ceheivi. “Because that’s the mindset I had at the time. I wanted something warm, calm, peaceful, cocooning and connected.” Having wrapped a music video for “Generator” by French electro duo Justice, Ceheivi “felt the need of going back, of feeling more rooted” to family and friends.


“Naturally, the topic of sisterhood came to me,” Ceheivi says. “I had an idea of what I wanted as a woman. And Brianna [Toomer] has these strong features, this strength and coolness that I really associate with Carhartt WIP.”.


Photographer & Director: Léa Ceheivi
DOP: Adrien Lallau
Stylist: Jenn Abey
Production: Aswan
Set Designer: Joris Navarro
Hair Stylist: Aude Andrea Gbazi
Makeup Artist: Daurianne Emboule
Casting Director: Conan Laurendot
Models: Brianna Toomer & Claire Jolivier

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